Safety and respect for the environment are the new frontiers progress is oriented towards.

The air we breathe must be healthy and protected from noxious substances, both outside and inside.

When we are inside the vehicle cabin, how can we defend ourselves against smog, industrial plant waste or car exhaust fumes?

To guarantee this safety, after a long period of study and observations in the field, euroGIELLE has designed and patented SMOGEATER®, a car filter which is innovative compared to most traditional filter systems which possess reduced absorption capabilities.

Continuous improvement aimed at creating value for all our customers represents our daily mission.


Double-layer cabin air filter, mounted on a support or metal mesh, which when in contact with air becomes charged with electrostatic energy.

The flame-retardant white part, as well as absorbing fatty vapours, protects the black cloth from clogging and fire.

Experiments with SMOGEATER® carried out in the sector of air purification have produced excellent results.

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